Study and Consultation

Dr. Frances Sommer Anderson and Dr. Eric Sherman are offering a training program in the treatment of TMS/PPD based upon their book, "Pathways to Pain Relief". This program will address the growing need faced by medical, allied healthcare and mental health professionals to find instruction in the fundamentals of treating TMS/PPD pain, provided in an integrated manner. Previously, training has often by necessity resulted in a loose and informal patchwork of self-directed study, peer support, and continuing education in the form of conference attendance. As the general public becomes more aware of TMS/PPD, patients with more complex presentations will seek treatment, creating a need for practitioners who have been trained systematically to meet the unique clinical challenges presented by such individuals. Our training program is an important first step in addressing the gap that exists between the demand for treatment and the availability of skilled practitioners.

The Pathways to Pain Relief™ training includes experientially-based learning, didactic material and individual case consultations based upon the instructors' book, "Pathways to Pain Relief" (2013). Anderson and Sherman, each with more than 30 years of experience treating TMS/PPD pain, worked closely with John E. Sarno, MD at Rusk Institute-NYU Langone Medical Center until his retirement from private practice in April 2012. Dr. Sarno pioneered the idea that pain symptomatology can be a mindbody disorder, rather than a sign of structural abnormalities or physical damage from injury, disease, or aging.

Dr. Anderson and Dr. Sherman can meet your needs for clinical training and education in several additional ways. Licensed mental health professionals can receive training aimed at guiding their overall treatment of patients with TMS/PPD. Training can be provided on a regular basis, or the clinician may seek consultation for specific impasses that inevitably develop during psychotherapy. Individual training can be provided either in-person, in our Manhattan offices, or remotely by Skype or telephone; group training is only available in our Manhattan offices.

Lectures and experiential teaching are available for medical and allied healthcare professionals. In contrast to training, however, this instruction is not intended to provide professional guidance for assessing or treating patients with TMS/PPD. More information and greater awareness of TMS/PPD enables a range of healthcare professionals to integrate this knowledge into their own ongoing efforts to develop personally and professionally. You can arrange to have Drs. Anderson and Sherman to lecture or present on a wide range of topics related to TMS/PPD to your class, school, or professional organization (e.g. yoga teachers, physical therapists, other bodyworkers, etc.) Instruction can be provided outside of Manhattan. Both the format and the content can be customized to your specific needs for clinical training. Please contact us for details.