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Eric Sherman, PsyD
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Dr. Eric Sherman
19 West 34th Street - Suite PH-13
New York, N.Y. 10001
Phone: 212-947-7111x227

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Pathways to Pain Relief Author Bio

Dr. Eric Sherman

Dr. Eric Sherman is a licensed psychologist practicing in New York City. He received a certificate of Specialization in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy from The New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. He completed his clinical internship at The Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine of New York University Langone Medical Center and served on the staff of Rusk’s Psychophysiological Pain Program. Dr. Sherman currently has a full-time private practice treating adults in psychoanalysis and individual psychotherapy. He provides training and consultation to clinicians and health care professionals.

As a young man Dr. Sherman voraciously read case studies on stigmata, hysterical blindness and paralysis and accident-proneness. This early interest in mindbody disorders developed, with training and experience, into the profession he pursues today.

Dr Sherman has expertise in the evaluation and treatment of patients with psychophysiological disorders. He treats individuals and families struggling with the psychological consequences of disability. He works with patients dealing with issues around psycho-oncology.

He has provided training and consultation to students and professionals. Dr. Sherman was an adjunct assistant professor at The Hunter College School of Health Sciences, where he taught graduate physical therapy students about the psychological implications of physical disability. He has provided training to graduate students in The Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program, City College, CUNY.

While on staff at The Rusk Institute, he trained psychology interns in the evaluation and treatment of psychophysiological pain disorders. He regularly consults with physicians and other health care professionals struggling to understand and manage their own and their patients’ psychological reactions to acute and chronic medical conditions, especially cancer and physical disabilities.

In addition to his work with psychophysiological disorders, Dr. Sherman is interested in investigating the psychological determinants of paranormal experiences. He is also interested in studying the role of cross-cultural identity in personality development. Dr. Sherman is an unrepentant crossword puzzle addict.

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